Start an Online Pharmacy Delivery App: Entrepreneurship Guide

Healthcare is one of the businesses that will not perish as long as humans are alive, the other being food. That is why an online pharmacy delivery app is important. As well, pandemics have their share of reasons why the healthcare sector is so vital. Amazon Pharmacy is one such example of getting immense gain from such opportunities. To begin, it bought the medicine delivery service PillPack for 753 USD million 2 years ago and is now selling everything under it.

After COVID-19, all sorts of delivery businesses, including pharmacists, have grown considerably, and the sky is the limit for healthcare ones. Reports indicate an increase of 60% in chronic diseases, and consequently, the online pharmacist business is projected to rise at a CAGR of 18.4% within a decade.

Building an online pharmacy delivery service is an easy task but carries a bit of complexity. Moreover, this online prescription delivery service has more chances of losing money. In addition, going into the market without planning is just a disaster.

Here are 7 steps to consider before heading out into the market and looking for investors for your application.


Online Pharmacy Delivery App


Viable Blueprint of Online Pharmacy Delivery App

Any plausible business blueprint should have these things included in it:

  • Revenue Earning
  • Targeted Audience
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Application framework
  • Buyers Façade  

Further, going on the line, an online pharmacist must choose which business model to follow

  • Aggregator Model: A platform where you invite pharmacists for eCommerce on your app or website. Like Zomato, studydekho, Practo, mFine, etc.
  • Inventory Model: Here business opens its own platform, buys medicines, stores them, and delivers it to customers

Subsequently, the model should proceed based on the company’s mission and vision, its critical points, and its yearly goals. There should be a specific point on the company’s projected journey to 5–10 years in the future too.


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Idea Manifestation and Market Analytics

Firstly, your business will not be running only in the market or pushing it for investments. What is more, whether you will be able to manifest your idea or not and get the required validity Secondly, there are lots of other businesses running online pharmacy delivery. So, pursuing why people should buy from your application will be challenging.

That is where the stackgeeks team comes into play; we will help you not only with idea validation but also build a proof of concept to pitch in.

Conducting strong market analytics and identifying the extent of your business idea is the key here. Moreover, focus on areas like how to grow and reach your audience. Also, research existing online pharmacy delivery services. Study their business model, delivery channel, and how they are targeting and treating their customers.


Online Pharmacy Delivery App


Tie-ups with reputed pharmacies

Another deciding factor for your online pharmacy delivery service is the listing of only reputed pharmacies. Just like the food delivery business, pharmacy delivery is essential. Make your tie-ups with bigger pharma companies to ensure timely availability, on-demand availability, and on-time delivery.

The online pharmacy delivery service on the successful delivery of the product will earn a commission on the sale.


online pharmacy delivery app


Licensing and Registration with Online Pharmacy Delivery App

As it comes under the healthcare industry, it is a regulated domain. Government authorization and policies play a key role in the industry. Besides, every country has its own rules and regulations in the drug industry.

So, to start your own online pharmacy service, you’ll need to get in touch with a drug and law enforcement expert. Then, after fulfilling the required conditions, you can run an online pharmacy service.


online pharmacy delivery app


Application API and end-to-end features  

This online pharmacy service app of yours should be a robust platform, seamlessly connecting all four panels involved in this app program.

The pharmacy app should include an admin panel, a customer panel, a vendor panel, and a delivery panel. More importantly, all 4 panels complete each other, so there should be absolute communication and no technical glitch in them.

The vendor panel must include sign-up and registration, a listing of drugs, payment modes, and detailed management features. Whereas, the customer panel will consist of easy navigation, on-step login, registration, prescription scanning and storage, and different payment methods.

Lastly, the admin panel ensures communication of customer orders to vendors and vendor products to the delivery channel.


API Programming : Backbone of Mobile App Development | Official blog of Stepin Solutions


Business Marketing with an Online Pharmacy Delivery App

Today, running a business as compared to back in the day is completely different. Rather, today, advancement and technological innovation have made business easy. The only worry is to identify and acquire customers and treat their needs.


online pharmacy delivery app



Customer Acquisition and Engagement 

Nowadays, popularity gets your app downloaded, as no one will download it if they don’t know about it. Running an online pharmacy delivery service and ensuring its success are two other aspects.

First, figure out your business dynamics, as discussed above. Accordingly, then run marketing campaigns both online and offline.

Offline methods include word of mouth, banners, template distribution, conference cold calls, print advertising, and networking.

For online methods, consider social media, emails paid advertisement on favorite social media platforms, organic marketing, content marketing, etc. this is why online pharmacy delivery apps are trending too. 



It’s always easier said than done, so getting professional help from the likes of stackgeeks will help further explore your idea of yours and make the app practically possible.

Also, there can be numerous other points on how to develop an online pharmacy delivery service, but the ones above are the most crucial ones in developing a pharmacy app. Moreover, hire a professional & experienced development team that ensures the efficacy of your business.


November 29, 2021
Project Manager at Stackgeeks

Prince Singla

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