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The change is constant, no matter what and this is why the rise of edtech mobile app is increasing day by day. Like many other industries, the education industry is walking the same path of change. With the advent of technology and off course pandemic, education is shifted completely to the virtual world. Even subjects that were used to be crucial earlier are now black & white to this colourful world. There is now computer learning, filmmaking, AI, robotics, data analyst. digital creators and much more…

 Now education is not equated with money and rather it has become the birthright of all individuals. From a boot polisher son to labourer daughter, each and everyone is availing education because of technology.

And thanks to technology, it has become cheaper & cheaper and readily available on the screen of mobile phone. Education apps have transformed millions of lives by tapping into this right and pave an easier and lively life by helping parents and children.

As of now, the education industry enjoys a multitude of benefit via mobile apps/websites. Let’s look into the major benefits

Better Interaction

Kids learn better in an interactive environment than the normal one. But providing an interactive environment in never been easy especially when it comes to traditional classes.

The rise of technology such as mobile apps has ensured kids do learn via interactive classes. Mobile learning has given kids more engaging ground to grow and learn and that teacher-student interaction.

Also, traditional learning was not everyone cups of tea. Children learning curve at a young one calls for multiple and interactive methods that can help them learn easily. Mobile app learning has made that transaction.

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Innovative Learning Methods

At my school time, we were given charts of human brain diagram and we used to repeat and repeat until we have not learnt the diagram. That’s were how it is back in the day and now technology has changed it completely by an edtech mobile app.

Mobile apps have evolved education to such extent kids today learn brain working via digitally drawn real-time stimulation of the brain. And this is only one example in this vast technological ocean.

Education apps teach kids in a way they understand and in this way it stays with the kid forever.


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Better Resource (Edtech mobile app Utilities)

What technology has done is resize the whole school bag full of books to the mere size of a mobile phone which could be done by edtech mobile app. Now learners from all age group have a better resource and medium just at the click of their finger. Want to learn a certification course, wanna prepare for competitive exams, prepare PG or UG courses all in one place.

The mobile phone app will have everything from e-books to research papers to sample papers to audio-video lessons. 

Moreover, quick access and unlimited knowledge anywhere anytime without adding any weight to your back.


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Increase Coordination  

 Mobile educational apps pave the way for increase coordination between parents & students and teacher & students. What is more, technology gives more impetus to student not only learning but also achieving success in due course. This is why there is a huge need of the edtech mobile app implementation by an institution. 

Moreover, parents and teachers are better equipped to give feedback and improve students. Therefore, nowadays most mobile apps track students progress, parents & teachers can gain a lot from this.

Also, AI has made sure now apps can devise an action plan to help student leaner better and correct their errors. 


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Environment Friendly 

Books and the traditional way of learning don’t help the environment greatly. Most traditionally learning items such as book, pen or paper all have a toll on the environment.

On the other hand, mobile apps are available at the tap of the mobile screen. World of learning is right there on your phone, just a click away from the downloading button of any educational app, What’s more, with the world is now leaning more towards sustainable energy, technology is helping us changing the traditional ways.


Reading, Writing and Recycling: Go Green Back to School | Detroit Zoological Society Blog


Great Business Opportunity (Edtech mobile app Impact)

Many schools and universities have already had their dedicated educational apps. Even third-party apps are making bigger and revolutionizing the education industry just see Unacadmey, Udacity and Memrise.

Nowadays, a keen mind will only need educational apps to gather knowledge and as an entrepreneur, you don’t want to miss

There are two ways to launch an educational app

  • Hire an agency 
  • Hire your own team of app developers and experts 

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November 28, 2021
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