Why the Demand of Pet Apps is Increasing Worldwide

Millennials or Gen Y is defining the economy of today Pet Apps and leaving a mark for Gen Z. Of course, sharing economy has made it feasible and affordable for Millennials. Apps like Uber and Airbnb has taken the world by storm and is disrupting all industries. Moreover, with each day passing more innovative ideas are flowing.

Amidst of all, the strangest of the industry, the pet industry has adopted this model in recent times. This blog is dedicated to how the pet industry despite being a low key industry done exceptionally good using the prowess of technology

How People see their Pets 

Today vicious and lonely business world has made us more dependent on the company of pets than the human. Present lifestyle demands more from us and imposes greater responsibilities on our minds. Having a pet has itself has endless benefits and the greatest one is getting a loyal friend. But even so many are unfortunate to not get such cute pets. As we live in a land of law, adopting a pet has its process and workings. Because of hectic jobs, we rarely get time for pet adoption activities. But the good news is technology always thrives on such challenges and convert those issues into solutions.

With the advent of technology, pet apps come into the scene. A Pet App is a smart offering of providing pet-oriented services to its owners. Through this smart pet app, people can get their pet adoption process done online or avail services like dog-sharing, dog walking or dog-watching. Besides, owners can interact with their pets in their absence and can take care of them virtually via smart solutions.

The majority of pet owners across the world have dogs, so most pet apps focus on dogs. However, these applications can be applied to other kinds of pets too.

33% of households globally have a dog.

23% of households globally have a cat.

12% of households globally have fish.

6% of households globally have other pets.

Smart Pet Apps

Pet Apps have different work meter to suit the variable requirement of business owners. Some want to own a pet but don’t have the luxury of time, in this case, there are pet apps that connect with pet owners in nearby areas. Whereas there are pet apps that let you watch your pet dog or cat via video cameras installed at your place.

Moreover, there are much smarter solutions these pet apps provide than mere watching. You can via the Petchatz app hand out a treat to your dog while you are not at home or you can keep your pets entertained via Tv.

Plus, there is always wary of pet theft or getting lost. For such a situation, pet tags embedded with sensors comes that let you track the location of your pet via tracking apps on your smartphone. With such technological innovation, never again lose your pets.

Currently Pet care industry market is USD 232.3 Billion worldwide.

Pet Licenses 

Because of a more aware and conscious rich society now, pet businesses mandate a license. Pet sharing as of today needs a license. Earlier, people used to charge more than the required on e-platforms and its raging popularity has lead to the creation of the Home-based Pet Animal Care Technology Platform Act.

This law prohibits only 3 pets for someone of legal 18 age or above to watch through an online sitting platform. More than that, you’ll need a commercial license.

Increasing Demand of Pet Apps 

Pet-sharing apps are used extensively because of the diversification of services the app provides to pet-owner. A variety of people with variable needs uses such platforms. For instance, parents who are planning a sleepover for their kid’s friends at their home widely used those sort of apps. Also, the parents with kids who don’t get to spend much time with their dogs often found pledging their dogs to such pet apps.

Even more, with the use of Pet Apps the pet adoption idea is becoming more plausible for people. It is spreading rapidly worldwide, countries like India where the trend is just beginning businesses can tap into such market and easily can gain the advantage.

November 27, 2021
Project Manager at Stackgeeks

Prince Singla

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