5 EdTech market trends that is reshaping the educational institutions post covid-19

5 EdTech market trends to be successful in long run for EdTech companies

Pandemic has redrawn the education industry lately and Edtech is becoming the new normal, with all educational institutions and schools forced to shut down in 2020 and go abruptly to online classes. School, colleges and teachers worldwide were taken aback but gradually accustomed to this new normal. 

2020 was a boon for EdTech based companies and startup. To be precise, alone Indian EdTech startups saw 1.4 $ billion in capital investments. Whereas, USA Edtech industry raised 803 $ millions.


But with the reentry of offline schools, colleges and educational institutes in 2021, the EdTech companies can go out of business. With these ongoing 5 EdTech market trends, online education companies can make a comeback.


These five EdTech market trends will not only help them scale up but will be the future of the EdTech industry.

Career-oriented learning through Edtech 

This type of e-learning programs will allow students to concentrate on their career-oriented fields. And they will be able to choose & pick areas in which they are interested. Besides, the curriculum of online programs will only focus on the area of student studies and be smart & progressive as compared to old theory curriculums.

More so, this will set the tone for other educational components and future proceedings of these Education Technology companies.




Adaptive tautology through Edtech

Nowadays, children learning become more adaptive in a way that their syllabus and timetable is mould to the ways of children. India itself has introduced a lot of smart schools and kids indeed are learning via technology.

But the radius of Student-centric adaptive learning is only limited and is an expensive one. EdTech industry can make use of such 5 EdTech market trends to grow and offer adaptive learning on large scale. Also, the technology will help tuck down the cost and make it more accessible.

More so, the instructional material of adaptive learning is designed in a way that keeps evaluating and changing to children keen mindset. 




Gamification learning through Edtech 

Games have always been an intriguing subject for children and it is one such thing that never bores them. We already have seen gamification in the feedback & reviews panel of app/websites for better engagement. So, what if gamification is a part of student learning.  

With gamification interactive learning, EdTech will be able to scale new heights. In the process, will make students a better understanding and grasping of concepts.

The EdTech industry has the innovation to translate children curriculum into game-style pattern resulting in fun learning for children. All, it just needs imagination, play and the right strategy.




Statistical Analysis 

First of all, what is statistics? Stats refer to the interpretation of a fact into numbers to generate better outcomes and interpretation of data. For instance, children aged 0 to 14 years makes just 12% of the population of Germany. Now, if we interpret and analyse this data into numbers, we will find Germany has a 12% children population, the world lowest. 

For the EdTech industry as well as an educational strategy, statistics is quite pivotal. In the case of students, it can be used to collect, present and interpret the student’s data. Thus generating better strategies and outcomes for students.

Whereas for the EdTech industry, it will allow them to focus on problems students faces and can focus more on that to make e-learning more refined and smooth.

As a result, statistics analysis will make the learning experience better and students will feel more satisfied. Also, it can be a game-changer trend for EdTech companies with the predicament they are in.


40 Statistics Interview Problems and Answers for Data Scientists | by Terence Shin | Towards Data Science


Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality 

The above technology usage will take students learning experience to the next level. Students will be able to learn via a true-to-life and vivid environment. With no textbook involved and more of 3-d learning tech, learners can be able to learn at their speed and can stimulate their growth easily.

AR/VR and Mixed Reality is a perfect combination of education and entertainment. As a matter of act, it is much more interactive it will make EdTech learning more successful.


VR, AR, MR: Which one is Better?



Exciting times is ahead for our future, that’s for sure. This industry is growing at a tremendous pace. More so, it will be undoubtedly one of the core industries of the future. 

Looking at our growing technological advancement, we have now all the resources to completely revolutionize the education sector. But the opening of schools and colleges may hinder its progress. That’s why EdTech companies need to adhere to these 5 EdTech market trends to continue their progress.

Planning to enter the Education Technology industry? Then these 5 Education Technology market trends can make you up there in the education business. Get in touch with stackgeeks and our highly skilled and experienced team will leave no stone unturned in this crusade of yours.

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May 24, 2021
Project Manager at Stackgeeks

Prince Singla

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