There is no country and continent that is not affected by Covid-19. This chaotic situation has tied hands of both government and people. As a matter of facts, people have no option other than cemented to the four walls of their home.  Indeed the world has made people fall over their heels and due to that we are witnessing some chain reactions of beyond imagination nut what about some 10 Online Business Ideas which you can start in this COVID-19.

Even so vaccines have become available, current situation is there to stay. In fact,  as a society we are forced into looking alternates for our daily activities. And business world is also no different. Technology has turned to be their greatest saviour and businesses have found their mojo back in virtual world.. .

Now the businesses is giving back to society and it is in the most critical times.  Social distancing and Quarantine all that have helped businesses reinvent itself and, creating a better and safe future.

Online virtual  business is the right way navigate covid-19

  • Mobile apps demand – Despite the pandemic hit economy, the mobile app usage expected to grow twice the rate it is now by 2024. Also, the downloads is grown to 183.7 billion and that is 9% more from pre covid-19 survey.
  • Mobile Shopping has increased manifolds. In fact, the Amazon is running out of stock in midst of pandemic.
  • Less human contact means less chance of virus spreading. Contactless deliveries has ensured that and also in process cutting costs.
  • As of now online sections like electronics and Health have seen increase sales of 91% and 109%.

It is quite evident that online business is the way forward now in covid crisis and looming future for businesses. So why not start now and create an opportunity. Existing offline businesses are already doing it  and upcoming ones don’t want to be last in the queue. We at stackgeeks have compiled a list of 10 verticals.  All 10 ideas are in line with the current  business crop and have unlimited future possibilities

  • Pickup & Delivery 

With the current norms, Pickup & Delivery is best business idea to invest especially considering its future possibilities. All online business has either developed their own delivery channel or tied with one. Convenience and doorstep delivery is been a focal point of all businesses today.

The Hills states, “A changing economy means new opportunities, especially for delivery services.”

As a  matter of fact,  every business is in need of robust delivery management system regardless of size & type.

  • Online Education App – One of the best 10 Online Business Ideas

    The current crisis has shut down all educational institutes to shut down and shift to e-learning. Subsequently,  we are seeing a rage of increased online education. What is more, the educational apps have been seeing a tremendous spike in their usage, nearly 300% alone in 20220. This opportunity in crisis has only triggered the shift to online which is bound to happen in coming years. Take example of Byjus or Unacadmey, they are already reaping the fruits of current opportunity as they were the only few offering online learning programs. Online education is the next gen future and start now, build a great learning platform, the more earlier better it is.


  • Grocery Delivery

Indeed  pandemic has changed our day to day dynamics. We are now more present on our mobile phone apps than physical activities. Plus, fear of getting corona has  shaped shift our choices. Grocery apps is our now go-to app for groceries or any food item. Further people are increasingly going form offline to online  grocery stores. As of now, the grocery apps like Walamarts, Instacart and Shipt has seen a surge 160%, 218%, and 124% in their downloads.  In short, your online grocery store could be your way to success and lavish life.

  • Medicine Delivery

To start with,  pharma business is of now is the backbone that is helping us withstanding this pandemic and will continue to do. Corona has tied people hands to go for online medical stores. Also, the availability of other life ailments medicines is becoming a major concern. People with minor or major health issues are finding it difficult to find medicines for such ailments. Hence, you could be one of responsible pharmacists tackling all kind of problems with your online medical store.  All you need, a right tech partner  that will easily help you switch to online medical store.

  • Healthcare Consultation

Health care consultation is defining the era of pandemic. While we can’t step out of our homes. online health consultation is helping both patients & medical workers.  Nevertheless remote healthcare is new idea and plays a crucial role both in present and future. All you need is a robust platform online which can be build by any good tech company. Then start offering your services online with your brand name.

  • Food Delivery

Considering lockdown in and out, many food business were struck in a limbo. While waiting for situation to improve seems no longer a valid option. Instead switching to online delivery and adopting is the way forward for restaurants.  The Guardian reports says as consumer is not keen to step outside because of corona, food delivery services have quite taken a rise.  Launch your food delivery business and delight your customers with online food order facility. Also, for non-restaurants owners, they can launch their delivery channel and make tie-ups with restaurant owners.

  • Online Medical Van Booing

Another idea that could thrive in present crisis and make lives of people easy is starting off an online ambulance booking. It will be an amazing idea considering healthcare boom we are seeing right now. Moreover, futuristically this idea can extend to online healthcare booking management system which our present healthcare lacks.

  • Fitness and Workout App – One of the best 10 Online Business Ideas

Digital platforms have turned out to be blessings for gyms & healthcare centers. Covid- 19 has seriously affected those businesses. As per reports of business insider, major gym chains were shut down due to lack of business. But now as more and more turning to virtual workouts & training, fitness industries is back in the business. Nevertheless, this sector should be your investment area and has unlimited future growth.

  • Ecommerce Place

If you are in brick and motar business, shift it online and see the magic. This is a golden opportunity which come once in a while. As the population of world is looking online for their day to day activities, take your business online and deliver now.  Increase your sales, customer reach and upscale your business, this is the time.

As per the Quantum Metric report, online sales have surged 52% from the year-ago period, and the number of online shoppers has increased 8.8% since the outbreak began

  • On Demand Doctors/Nurses/Caretakers

This one is for future, build an app where you can provide on-demand doctors, nurses and healthcare experts.  Start the process by building a robust app with medical expert bookings that can visit user home. Plus, any help or professional assistance you can come to us, we are there to help.


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