The growing usage of online health and fitness mobile app is saying a lot about present times. Since pandemic, online workout is the new normal for all workout enthusiasts & professionals. With that in mind, market demand is buzzing with health & wellness mobile apps. So Why Build Online Fitness App?

The online revenue of the Fitness Apps is expected to reached 1,798.9 million USD by 20024

As per Statista, currently there are alone 87.4 million users of health & workout apps in United States

The New Normal has driven all businesses into the virtual world. Covid-19 has worked like oxygen in a fire, with daily surging Covid cases all fitness centres have turned online. As was previously stated governments have across the world imposed lockdown. And in the process confined people to their homes and gyms and workout centres were not ready for this perpetual period. For this reason, gyms and fitness centres incurring financial crisis. But like there is always dawn after every dusk, these businesses have found there’s in virtual sessions.

The New Normal For The Fitness Industry to Build Online Fitness App

With more and more gyms entering the virtual world,  a chain of positive effect can be seen through. Fitness companies no longer incurring losses but turning the tables. As a matter of fact, fitness and gym companies have gained over 200% growth in their subscribers. Now, more audio and video media are being used by these companies for indoor & outdoor workouts guidance.

No to mention this, they are launching on-demand video workouts on different stream channels.  And in the process of adapting to this new normal.  Online consultation of fitness and gym workouts is the new fade and is there to stay here perpetually.

This is a boon especially for new generation entrepreneurs and can be their ticket to unicorn startup. Simply putting, online consultation is your go-to business and very much the first option for all healthcare services

How is exactly online fitness consultation apps are helping out?

First of all, this whole online experience gives you flexibility and creativity which is difficult to achieve in physical centres. Secondly, it is adjusting the fitness centres to adjust to this new normal.  And lastly, it’s easy running a business at the screen of your phone where all advanced mechanism is there to help you out.  Here are the benefits  the fitness companies are driving out:

  • Fitness Lovers Savior – Amidst all chaos, it’s helping business running their services online. Especially for fitness enthusiasts, this turns out to be a treat for them. They can keep their fitness levels as same as before by remaining at homes. In addition, they can now work on minimum equipment due to the availability of diet plans, virtual workouts and personal training.
  •  Multiple Services – Being virtual world, users can access multiple services via one platform. Diet and nutrition plans, Yog sessions, weight loss programs,  athletic body program, shrewd body program and many more all under one roof.
  • Growth in Sales – This whole online experience brings convenience to users and fitness companies have seen a considerable increase in membership programs. Plus, availing of different services under one roof is dictating the increase.
  • Cost Cutting – Because of the virtual world, equipment dependence has become less and people are open to other forms of training.  In fact, companies are now focusing on a number of products for scaling.  Now owners can offer online consultation, workout plans, diet plans and much more without pending equipment.
  • Business Amalgamation – Earlier single owners or small scale fitness companies struggle to compete against big ones. But this new normal ensures the transparency and equality of the competition.  Now a group of fitness business can amalgamate to offer their services under one platform. In the process, earning greater revenue and scaling becomes plausible for those fitness companies.

Launch your online fitness consultation business, Run and Grow. 

First and foremost, there is a difference between a free consultation app and running a successful one. To run a successful and an established online wellness and fitness solution, you need full stacked technology support and the right plan.


First of all, to start your online fitness consultation you need a trusted technology partner like stackgeeks. This will constitute:

  • Robust Platform– A complete technology suite should be providing you with a seamless website/app for your online fitness consultation program.  This tech suite should fulfil the initial solid user- consultation navigation.  Furthermore, the user can explore different fitness experts using your platform.  Moreover, they should be given filters like specialization, fees, offerings and availability etc. Once the user has book an appointment with the expert, he/she should be easily able to connect via either audio or video.  Also, there is an integrated payment method to pay fees online.
  • Trainer oriented App – The whole idea is to provide a worldwide lifestyle change via fitness apps. So indeed the app should be trainer/expert friendly. As they are the beacons of these change, entrepreneurs should be harnessing this technology accordingly.
  • Admin Panel – The admin panel on the fitness app should be powerful to meet the needs of business owners. In short, the owners should be able to control all aspects of their business.  Admin panel must have that leverage to make better decisions by keeping track of important numbers.

Encompassing  all Core Features 

The tech suite you are availing for your online fitness consultation muse has end to end features. Many apps competing in one niche but only a few make the charts. In the first place,  customers are loving that app because of end-to-end features

  • Advance Search & Booking – Filters are an important part of any successful running app. Ensure your user can search the right expert with the advancement filters. Also add instant or later appointment filter in this.
  • Payment Gateways – Integrate multiple payment modes for your user.
  • Push notifications – Update your users with time to time alerts and notification about discounts, deals, appointments, fitness classes and much more.
  • Freebies and Semi-freebies – Keep entreating your users with likes of limited free classes, promo codes, in-app cash points and discounts, etc. Consequently, user retention and engagement will increase manifolds.
  • Real-Time audio-video chat – Give your customer flexibility to interact with multiple modes of consultation. User can go for audio chats, video chats and text msg.
  • Fitness experts Admin panel –  Increase your fitness experts registration with the availability of a convenient and seamless expert admin panel. Give them the flexibility to edit, delete or add their services without any baggage. Also, no limit on their prescribed fees.

Scale your operations with given insights and support on Build Online Fitness App

For any online health consultation and online fitness & gym experts, they will be needing real time insights to scale up their business.  With in-built insights, owners can track their progress and check on the hindrances. Further with tech we have, AI based reports and analytics should be the best to see your growth. The owners can see the important numbers such as leads, and  conversions, accordingly work on their product. Also, a dedicated team  of experts helping out both clients and users 24×7 will help you make the next step.


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