E-learning is been the focal point since the pandemic has hit us, every educational institute is relying on e-platforms. Before understanding how to Build E-Learning App , you should know that Udemy is one of few platform which have excelled in this field since pandemic has come upon us. In this article, we are going to shed light into insights on how can you create an app like Udemy,  Looking into the success of Udemy, an extremely successful platform many are itching to plan their own e-learning platform from scratch as a result of this new normal. We will be guiding you all with the right strategies and business model to develop app of such stature

Udemy- A Successful E-Learning App

A decade ago, this platform was boon into life and since then it has seen a tremendous success. Born in the year 2010, this platform Udemy was able to garner more than 1000 capable teachers who in turn developed a total number of 2000 courses during their first quarter of the launch.  Further in span of 2 years, the Udemy has accumulated over 400,000 registered students.

AS a matter of fact, Udemy stands today with mind boggling 50 million active users and 150000 courses. And its been an revolutionary platform for all the Ed Tech platforms all around the world.

Udemy  Business and Revenue Model 

To tell the truth, any renowned e-learning platform strictly operates on seven principles-  value gain, affordability, convenience, brand value, easy user interface, customization and  availability.  And in all honesty, the Udemy business model gives that flexibility to both students and teacher. Udemy only makes money whenever a student purchases a course and obviously the course is created by the teachers which were hired in the first place by Udemy. For this reason instructor fee varied depending on the course student has acquired.

Udemy applies the following 3 tier revenue share model

  1. Instructor Promotion  -Whenever student discovers a new course either through a referral code or coupon link prescribe by the instructor, instruction promotion fee is used. Being that case, the teacher receives 97% of the course fee and rest 3% goes to Udemy.
  2. Udemy Organic – Here organic means if student visits Udemy website without any promotional advertisement.  In this case both Udemy and instructor shared 50 percent revenue each. Also, Udemy charges a 30% percent in case the course is purchased on official Android or iOS app.
  3. Paid Acquisition  – Platforms like GOOGLE, FACEBOOK,  OR YOUTUBE, gives option to stream advertisements. Udemy streams advertisements on such platforms and, consequently charges a 75% cut for their each course sale. But even so, instructor has the  freedom to curb the channel mediums and streaming time, so it depends mainly on them.

Build E-Learning App Platform like Udemy

Its increasingly tough when it comes to building such platforms as students is now looking more and more to digital learning. Nevertheless, when it comes to building such platforms we take inspiration from only best and non other. Building from scratch will be our first priority  and definitely no compromise when education is on the line.

It can be super complicated and time-consuming business when you creating App like Udemy. But over the years it has become achievable due to availability of highly proficient business model.

Here is you ultimate guide on How to Build E-Learning App

  1. Idea Validation – For creation of any effective and affordable product, idea validation is must. Idea validation means its current market status, immediate future and future expectancy. Even more all these needs to be analyzed and worked on before coming into life.
  2. Business Model – There is different ways to monetize your e-learning platforms. Once you have identify your audience, built a robust & seamless business model. Accordingly set your revenue model. Udemy charges users as per rate of their specific courses.  With this intention, you can use that or go other revenue models. There is subscription-based model or the premium account, the paid certification model, and advertising/sponsorship etc.
  3. Niche Validation – For creation of any effective and affordable product, idea validation is must. Idea validation means its current market status, immediate future and future expectancy. Even more all these needs to be analyzed and worked on before coming into life. According to several research and market reports, the e-learning apps like Udemy market will grow by 300 million USA by 2025.
  4. Core Features – Feature is the driving fabric for any platform.  In short success of your platform  hugely depends on those core features. And then only both students and teachers will only be  attracted  to your or e-learning platform like Udemy.  To begin with, bifurcated your core features into 3 segments                     

a)  Generalize segment- Customer & feedback support, business collaboration, account  creation, and edit profile .

b) Student Segment – Enrollment option, payment getaway,  course category and filtering, search and experts recommendation .

c) Instructor Segment- Course creation, updates, performance insight, revenue insights, course list, and students insight etc.

The Other things you should Consider to know how to Build E-Learning App

  1. The UI/UX Matrix – Success rater is inversely depends on the design of you e-learning platform. The easier user can navigate the e-learning platform, the more success rate it is. While strategizing your UI/UX design, these should be your got to features :                                                                                                                                         a) Easy navigation and loading                                                                                                        b) Page loading rate                                                                                                                              c)  design simplicity and acceptance                                                                                            d) Appealing design with visual prowess                                                                                    e) Readable Typography
  2. Selecting the right Technology Stack – To remain in the game you always have to think 2 step ahead of your competitor. In short the right technical platform and software development solutions is the way forward. And what’s better than Stackgeeks adding the right functionalities and services to your website and apps needs.  Always remember only few can provide comprehensive services under one umbrella.
  3. Design MVP  – An MVP(minimum Viable Product) is always better than fully operation one in a initial stage. Once you are in development stage, don’t try to go for fully operational product and just remain on MVP one. As you go along  the growth cycle, then gradually start making changes by knowing their preference, knowing countless engagements and then finally settle on fully operational one .  Moreover, an MVP  helps you with early cost cut and in process easing your overall financial strain .

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