Running a business is never been easy and so rather is starting a one but times has changed now and the best part is you can be next success model of your town with some Online Business Ideas. This futuristic world has been full of opportunities and starting a business now comes off rather easy. We are all now in pandemic and 2021 can’t get it as good as it gets, the best part is despite the predicament we are in you can start and take your business online in no time and can be the next Jack Ma or Elon Mask.  All you need is online best business ideas to kick start your dream.

Already the market is full of ventures, before starting your business idea it is better to ascertain its market demands and then go on creating the outcome you wanted. Many niches in different industries are already been explored and starting purely on recent trends is not the choice we wants you to stick to it. Its always easy saying than done and so is business, business has its pros & cons and in the end you either end up creating lot of wealth or losing all your money.

What matters is the choice of business and idea you are going for and is it fortified by smart decision making or not? Keeping in the mind the behaviour and niches  of today online businesses, this article will shed light on today’s some of the best online business ideas to be keep tacked on and worthy of investing.

2021 Best Online Business Ideas

It is of utmost importance for any business idea that it has flexibility and potent to grow in today business world. We at Stackgeeks have come up with a list of top online business ideas that are ready to invest in and can go ahead full throttle in 2021.

  1. ED- Tech Services – One of the best Online Business Ideas

2020 is the year of education sector as we saw pendulum swinging completely from archaic method to ed based learning. As per statistics, in upcoming years we will see a surge of 18.1% compound annual growth onwards to 2027.  Pandemic was a curse-in-blessing for ed-tech services as it was one of the most funded sectors and the momentum it gives to the growth of technology enabled learning is boon for this industry.


The advantages of education imbibed technology are far progressive and stimulated the growth of ed-tech startups in India. Businesses have either shifted completely to ed-based learning or combined both conventional & technological aspect of learning because of possibilities such as 360 learning programs, virtual classrooms, performance tracking and online progress report cards etc.


It is now one of the hottest business in demand and its time you avail the benefits of such opportunities. If you have not started or needed a boost, start with stackgeeks its easier than it was.


  1. Online BookKeeping

The best part about this online business idea is that every type of business requires accounting and auditing services, and it is not limited to particular one industry. If you are an accountant, start now as a private bookkeeper or accountant online and venture into accounting business by acquiring financial business from online players and banks and start earning lucratively.

Nowadays, best part is there are professionals like stackgeeks who can handmade any sorts of app you desired as per wishes with quality standards and the only hindrance is securing business dealings.  As long as your services are client- friendly, you have the impetus to grow as much as you want. As of now this, online business idea can grow on to $687 billion dollars in 2023.


  1. Home Care Services

    Even before the pandemic hit us, the global healthcare workers were never enough to pertain to our home care services. Obviously after the pandemic, the need for home care services is only increased numerous times. A recent survey shows by 2050, USA alone will have 1.5 billion people in a category of 65 above age group and it is expected to reach 81.2 million by the end of 2040 year.

Online home care business service has an unlimited potential both pre and post covid crisis, and this is one of the business ideas to invest in or go ahead in 2021. You can start as an aggregator platform joining all home care services in your town and can earn various deals on providing work to such home cares.


  1. Career Advisor

The potential this business idea has is huge but only thing that keeps this business going on is trust rather than experience & knowledge. So such business ideas required better execution and more advanced product delivery & framing for your customers.


Career Advisor business idea will always be a tricky business as customer will only come on trust basis so having right set of systems and flawless app is imperative. Start this online business idea with students in your area of locality and once you have some stability start scaling with venturing out in different areas and targeting different section of society.


  1. DropShipping

Dropshipping is one of the hottest and extreme favorite business ideas right now in the market especially for the youth. First of all, this business does not required a substantial investment and the idea of not storing & delivering makes it more appealing for businesses to c incur more profit.


By 2025, the dropshipping valuation will be around 557 billion dollar. All you just need a website or mobile app and you can start this venture. As the orders increases, you will begin to pump more money.


  1. Food Delivery – One of the best Online Business Ideas

Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats…. these are some of your best food apps and they are one of most prominent business right now. All they do is deliver food items from your favorite restaurants to your place, and already a multi-crore business idea. Food Delivery is one of the most challenging business idea, the intricacy here is all about a successful and pragmatic running business idea app for you food delivery services.


This pandemic have already have given the push they are lacking in this business idea i.e. AI based delivery and thus allowing food delivery based business to have bigger slice of the pie.


Ensuring success in food delivery online business completely depends on your pre-business market research & analysis. Users like quick, easy to surf and dynamic page setting for your food delivery based business app. We at stackgeeks made sure to include such details and built a timely delivery & ordering system, while having your business model built at our enterprises.


  1. E-Healthcare

First of all you should understand E-healthcare is an umbrella term and constitutes not only online health care consultation but more of broader spectrum includes online healthcare business services such as medicine delivery apps, and on demand home healthcare services.


The novel Coronovirus has widespread the global healthcare to such levels that stating it as a growth would be understatement. AS per the business wire reports, the online industry is expected to grow from 26 billion dollars market to 70 billion dollars market in 2026.


There are numerous opportunities for Indian youth to kick start their ventures in healthcare industry due to requirement of colossal number of physicians and pertaining to vast number of diseases that world needs protection from it.


Due to pandemic and its vast current market, it is easy to create online a prominent healthcare facility globally connecting doctors/ nurses/ interns/Physicians/Technicians/Therapists/Rapid response team/ Advocates/Vendors/Patients at low cost and even that infrastructure is not that huge required. You can also start payment system, maintenance of records and data, booking system and much more for hospitals, all you need is an expertise which we are there to provide.


  1. Diet Consultation

As per NCBI study, approx 39% of world population comes under obese terminology and these staggering results will keep on multiplying twice the number. There used to a days where people would believe in diet fads and not care about body training but now health has become a top priority for today’s young adults and more & more need has aroused for quantified nutrition.

In era of internet where knowledge is ever so present, it has become difficult for youth to navigate tons of knowledge and that is where Diet Consultation keeps you up with necessary information and makes you take healthy decisions.


AS per US Bureau of Labor statistics, Diet Consultation demand is going to surge to 8% from 2019 to 2029 and this field of business is growing much faster than the average job growth rate.




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