Since last year Pandemic hit the world, businesses all over world has taken a toll. Food Industry itself saw lot of ups and downs and amidst, food industry saw its silver linings in the form of online food business which continues to surge more and more demand.

AS per CNBC reports, online food delivery giants like Doordash, UberEats, Swiggy and Zomato gained the most from covid crisis.

The Food market is already full of many experienced and top notch business and amidst of all global innovation online food delivery apps such as Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy and Doordash is getting the all attraction. With norms such as social distancing and quarantine, many restaurants are now going for online food delivery system.

Yet online food business finding it difficult to cope with it

  • because of ifs and buts
  • and the compatible scaling needs of your business with food delivering apps.

We at stackgeeks have compiled the 8 must features for your online food delivery business app so it can nourish your business at right time and develop it strategically to enhance your online business capabilities post pandemic.

  1. Voice Instructions

Failed delivery attempts can be frustrating on company part as they not only incur losses but also customer trust. Voice instructions especially in remote locations or low intensity network areas can be game changer, you can leave voice instructions as a small pieces of instruction to lead your delivery personnel to the required location. It will also ensure timely delivery.

Voice instructions feature allows customers to have number of uses such as asking for contactless delivery, instruction in regarding to food delivery location and in case of absentee asking for delivery to neighbour.  It is a user friendly and enriching feature, most of online food delivery business owners nowadays are exploiting it.


  1. Advance Search

Advance search feature allows customer to directly navigate to their favourite food item rather than going through pre posted steps and in process avoiding browsing several categories.


For instance, create a customizable search bar for unique and richer experience for your customers on your online food delivery business app pre-constituting filters like restaurant names, cuisine types and much more. Also on the basis order summary of the customer, you can add favourite food items or dishes as a top suggestion for them.


  1. Contactless Delivery for Online Food Business

Contactless deliveries have now become a necessity rather than just a feature because of the pandemic we are in. The safe tech solution can now warrant seamless & contactless deliveries through coordinated effort of service providers. Moreover they have medical clearances and government approvals on board too.


Also with contactless delivery option, customer will be able to track their delivery personnel; can check their medical clearances and personnel medical sheet.


  1. Live Kitchens for Online Food Business

First of all what is a live kitchen? It is a real time view of how customer food is being prepared. There will be a live/recorded coverage of your ordered food on your mobile app.

There are many times when the user have given preparation instruction on their food items or preferences, with online live streaming capabilities of your food business app in cohesion with voice instruction attribute this all together can make the entire food experience alive and enriching for consumers. Live kitchen experience will be as real as the physical restaurant experience for consumers.


  1. Order Management

As most online food business app run via different delivery services and even more so there is also in restaurants you are attached with. This feature is considerable important if you are in a multi-vendor based marketplace.


Scaling is vital for any business and especially in food delivery business managing the order is the key to your business growth.  So if you have integrated inventory stock in cohesion with order management on your online food business app, instead of user placing an out of stock item your business can initiate removing of such dishes from the online menu and logistics can prepare well in advance for such shortage to tackle such shortcomings.


  1. Order History

Often the most ordered item on your food delivery app is the most recommended foot item. Pertaining to your consumer needs and, order history, you can incorporate special deals. Also, personalize offers on your online food delivery app. You can incorporate such feature on your partner portals, and associated restaurants website and based on collective information crate specialised deals for your customers.


  1. Revenue Tracking for Online Food Business

Revenue is an important part of any business in running. Moreover, in the end it’s the deciding factor for their growth. Already many mobile app development companies offer revenue insights with their apps assigned to central admin.


But with continuous evolvement and technological upgradations in business world, these insights are falling short because of more & more attributes attaching to food business online. Food business online may scaling up higher but maybe losing on revenue per order. Thus, ensuring the necessity of more vigilant and interactive revenue tracking feature on your online food delivery business app/ portal/website.


  1. Feedback & Reviews

Nowadays all business is using gamification techniques to increase the count of feedback and reviews system of their apps. Present world demands you look to your consumer constant changing needs to ramp up your business.


In the online food business, apps needed an imbibed reviews. Moreover, a feedback system is in need to ensure the sustainability of their food businesses. Also, to get a better understanding of consumer behaviour to scale up your food business.


Gamification means using the game-like feature for your feedback & review system of the app. In addition to understanding your behaviour attention better, you can add discount coupons on each review to encourage large participation.


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